SAM, SAM, SAM I am, tell me SAMcraft is SAM a SCAM?

SAM, SAM, SAM I am, tell me SAMcraft is SAM a SCAM?

Florence Court · February 7th 2018

Why is Software Asset Management so difficult for decision makers to understand?

Because until now, the people explaining SAM to you have only been interested in one of two things.

Either they’re telling you the only way to do SAM is ‘their way’ or they’re using as many tricks as they can to position SAM so that you, their ‘valued’ customer, spends even more money on software.

Yep, your friendly neighbourhood software reseller will offer you a ‘free’ baseline and then they’ll go away and they’ll sit down with the vendor. They will sit down together and between them will work out the best way to use that baseline in order to make even more money from you.

You really can never under estimate the power of the ‘account manager’ because all they’re really doing for ‘free’ is working out the best way to sell you a set of products that delivers even less value to your business at even greater long term cost!

Why? Because they’ll get plenty of incentives from the vendor to do just that…be afraid, be very afraid. Unfortunately this is not usually the exception, but the rule!

Resellers will always have a conflict of interests when dealing with customers due to the fact they are a middle man, never favouring client over vendor.

However unlike the resellers, SAMcraft are not in bed with any vendors or license providers and offer a unique independent and objective assessment of your IT estate.

We have a wide range of services and assessments designed to help you get the most out of your IT asset management, why not check out our services section here.

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