I pity the fool who doesn’t like curling!

I pity the fool who doesn’t like curling!

Adel Khan · February 15th 2018

What a great thought-piece over on BBC about Mr-T’s new found love of Curling! Had us thinking how long will it be before Mr-T tweets about a SAM company saving a large public organisation millions of pounds? I can imagine the tweet saying;  “Here I am, pumped up, flicking through the Financial Times and who’d have thought I’d be interested in a thing called Software Asset Management?! But this article about a company called SAMcraft and the money they’re saving all these FTSE 100 companies is crazy!! You heard me fool, these savings they’re finding is crazy! I wish they could have saved me and Mrs T money on our gym membership!”  Well Mr-T if you or anyone else wants to find the A-Team contact SAMcraft at nofear@samcraft.co.uk


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