Why ISO Serious?

Why ISO Serious?

Adel Khan · February 26th 2018

Culture, culture is important to SAMcraft. As part of any delivery we always work with customers to understand the culture of their business. We’ve all read stories about how great it is to work in technology, apparently you spend half the day jumping on a trampoline, you play bio degradable pain free paintball at lunch before going on a helter-skelter ride with Wordsworth to cuckoo land? – but the reality is that it isn’t like that at most organisations. Businesses do have unique cultures though and we’re fascinated by how they do what they do. The existing culture within a business and the ways of working always need to be understood, but most consultancies just go sprinting towards the implementation of generic standards and best practices…telling their customers” You need this standard” or “this is best practise and you’ll fail without it” etc. etc.


At SAMcraft we take the time to listen to our customers and learn what processes and policies are already in place. We want to know, which departments work closely together, and which ones don’t. The first step of any successful project for SAMcraft is the integration of all parties – we want to bring people together and listen to what each person has to say. Often each department is driven by similar, if not exactly the same, drivers – they all want a better way of working, a smarter way of working, a great big cost reduction and the ability to focus on delivering value back to the business.


So, what we do at SAMcraft is look at a world before ISO, a world where departments use SAM processes and policies as a way of communicating common goals and objectives – working as a team and delivering tangible savings and optimisations across the business. One size rarely fits all and although ISO might be the end game that many organisations work towards there is a lot to be said for learning about, and learning from, your customers before implementing a generic standard – after all they are your customers not your victims!!!


At SAMcraft we focus on delivering a best application of best practice and we don’t deliver generic word documents where the only difference from one project to the next is the time it takes to replace the name of the customer!!! If that’s what you’re looking for there are plenty of consultancies who would happily charge you hundreds of thousands for a document that they spent 20 mins changing the customer name on!!! But If you’d like to learn more about our unique approach and if you’d like to work with a team who don’t believe the customer is always wrong then get in touch…

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