Lego of your fears!

Lego of your fears!

Adel Khan · March 7th 2018

According to the news this week Lego has made too many bricks and needs to reset their business a little bit. Lego have made more than they can sell and so a surplus of bricks sits about in a warehouse waiting, we’d imagine, for a few Indiana Jones style collectors to discover in a few decades time and make a fortune selling on eBay.

Software vendors don’t share this problem with Lego because the moment they start to see a drop off in sales they engage their auditing departments. Yes, when the going gets tough the revenue protection divisions get going. As we type this you can rest assured that letters are being sent from vendors to customers either requesting a declaration or demanding an audit.

The question we’re asking is can you afford not to take any action? Can you silently sit and wait for the letter to arrive? Do you know 100% that your estate is compliant or do you just presume it is? Are you certain? Or are you scared? Maybe you’ve got some budget tucked away for the rainy day the vendor rides into town? Or maybe you haven’t?

Regardless, what you do have is a way out through SAMcraft…So if you’d like help finding your way out before the storm clouds gather, contact us at

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