On her Majesty’s Secret Service

On her Majesty’s Secret Service

Adel Khan · March 21st 2018

It seems pretty much confirmed that Danny Boyle is writing (and possibly directing) the 25th cinematic outing of her majesty’s busiest secret agent James Bond (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-43430301).

Today’s blog isn’t a blog about Bond though, this is a blog about Bond’s adversaries. We’re going to be talking about the bad guys, those mischievous megalomaniacs who keeping bringing Bond to his knees and audiences to the cinemas. Everybody loves a Bond villain – do you remember freelance assassin Francisco Scaramanga and his self-sufficient solar power plant? Or the pioneering, pre-Space X, space programme of Moonraker’s Hugo Drax? Who could forget these larger than life villainous figures, these absurd and cartoonish men who use their large fortunes to pursue world domination? These types of characters couldn’t possibly be real? could they? Or Could they?

If we take a quick look at a few of the key characteristics of Bond villains, then I think we might see some similarities between them and the men who are in charge of many of the large software vendors.

To be a Bond Villain you need to have;

A fortune so large that the Forbes annual rich list practically retires you in order to make it fair to the other competitors.

  • You do not need a home or a house you need a ‘Lair’ – a gigantic spectacle of a building half above ground and half below ground. A building that is full of expensive art, expensive cars, and even more expensive technology
  • You also need a gigantic yacht, well a yacht in name only because the types of yachts these villains own are more like floating cities!
  • Most importantly you need a team of ruthless thugs, a team committed to following their leaders every maniacal order or whim.

I don’t know about any of you, but this is all starting to sounds very familiar, it is starting to feel just like the men who are in charge of the large software vendors. These powerful men who deploy their ruthless sales and auditing teams in a bid for world domination. Every year they make their software more complicated to license correctly yet more simple to incorrectly deploy, driving business both small and large further into the mysterious fog of software licensing…

So by all means let these villainous vendors stirs things up but don’t let yourself be shaken by their villainous tactics… email nofear@samcraft.co.uk because nobody does it better…

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