It’s nearly Spring again…

It’s nearly Spring again…

Adel Khan · April 12th 2018

Why is Software so confusing? Why does a business need so much of it? And why does it keep getting more and more expensive?

Not every business has the appetite, or the budget, for a fully blown SAM solution yet they can all make use of specific SAM services. You don’t need a SAM tool to start saving money and optimising your business, you really don’t (and I’m sorry if that’s upsetting news to anyone).

Recently, we’ve had a lot of success working with businesses to look at what they actually use software for and where there are opportunities to rationalise this usage. This rationalisation could take many forms, be it decommissioning products that are no longer in use or swapping existing products within a vendor’s catalogue for products that could actually be useful.

The thing is Software vendors don’t want you to know about this, they want to sell you something different, something faster, something safer and something ‘future proof’. It goes without saying, but we’ll go ahead and say it (because it still needs saying), that this new product is better than the new product they sold you last year. Remember that product from 2017? That product was also supposed to be the ‘latest, greatest, fastest, safest and most future proof product on the market’.

Does it not all just become so confusing for the customer though? One minute you were buying a product to help you deliver projects and the next minute you’re being told to ‘make an investment in your business’ with a product that helps you deliver the product that helps you deliver projects – what is the answer though? Is the answer that we quite literally go back to the drawing board with paper and pencils, no that’s not the answer. The answer is that software doesn’t have to be complicated and software really can be a great and wonderful thing…when you realise you don’t actually need half of what you’ve been sold.

So, to borrow a phrase from the book of classic sales clichés “what are the next steps?” The next steps are for you to contact and have a conversation about spring cleaning your software


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