As if by magic…

As if by magic…

Adel Khan · April 20th 2018

Magic: ‘the power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.’

We’ve been getting emails, lots of industry emails, about the results and findings from this magic quadrant thing. Now, we’re all grown ups here, so let’s just start by saying that magic quadrant is an absolutely ridiculous name for anything (other than a prog rock band plodding about in the back room of a pub).

Possibly somebody could tell us what exactly is magic about this quadrant? Were supernatural forces used to determine the outcomes? or did David Blaine lock himself in an office for 48 hours with copies of all the latest software and representatives from each service provider?

The thing about magic, the magic we grew up watching on TV, was that it was all based on slight of hand and little camera tricks – their really wasn’t anything magic about it, it was just entertainment. Once you get to a certain age you realise, shortly after the Father Christmas revelation, that a magician is just somebody who can use a set of skills to trick or influence people (nobody really got cut in half in a box, spun around and miraculously put back together again).

So, the question we keep asking ourselves is how can a multi billion pound industry use magic as its quality measure for products and services?

We might start our own industry awards called ‘SAMcraft’s Box of Tricks’, we could invite people to watch us walk through the Great Wall of China? Or maybe we’ll continue to focus on our customers needs and finding the best fit solution for them.

The thing is, we don’t need magic or supernatural forces at SAMcraft because we use fact based assessments to determine positive outcomes for our customers…if you’d also like to make decisions using fact based assessments then email

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