The Avendors Assemble…

The Avendors Assemble…

Adel Khan · April 26th 2018

As cinemas across the world welcome the latest instalment of Marvels Avengers we’ve been thinking of the epic battles that rage between Vendor, Reseller and Customer.

Now as much as we’d like to compare Software Asset Management to an intergalactic invasion of earth we really can’t. What we can do though is draw parallels between the sheer number of characters involved in comic book films and Software audits (and some of the plotting and double crossing is similar too!).

During a Software audit everybody is getting drawn into the action, usually the vendor appears in the opening scenes issuing threats and forcing everybody to hide behind the sofa. Shortly thereafter the vendors emissary (the dreaded reseller) enters the stage offering to assist the poor helpless customer.

At first the customer is keen to accept the help of the reseller, the reseller is offering to ease any anxiety and limit any possible non-compliance. For a short while everything seems to be going well, the vendor has gone back to their home world and the reseller is saying all the right things to the customer…that is until the customer sees the calculations and suddenly they are presented with a monster, a monster size non-compliance figure. It quickly starts to spiral for the customer, the reseller has double crossed them and the vendor is suddenly sending passive aggressive emails from outer space!

Emails that insinuate as to what the consequences to the customers balance sheet and reputation might be. We all know what happens next because we all know somebody who has been the victim of the Vendor and Reseller double cross. If you and your business would like to be part of a different story, one with a much happier ending then email

P.S. I wonder if all the software on Iron Man’s suit is compliant? Imagine how different that film would have been if Tony Stark got audited – who’d save the world then? SAMcraft, that’s who!


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