It’s a Business not a Beanie…One Size does not fit all!

It’s a Business not a Beanie…One Size does not fit all!

Adel Khan · May 9th 2018

Why do customers expect to be interrogated or ignored by consultants? Why do they expect that the people they are paying are going to come in and not listen to them? Because almost all of the *old guard of consultancies behave like this. They come in wanting to show the customer who knows most, who knows best and that everything they currently do is wrong…as soon as the purchase order is received a terrible set of wheels are put in motion…I’m certain you’ll have experienced all or at least some of the following…

  1. The identikit suits and white shirts
  2. The Mont Blanc pens the size of cornetto ice creams
  3. The Swiss watches so gigantic you could see them from space
  4. The strategically positioned copies of goofy Tony Robbins books

But what’s this all about and what does this show of strength mean?  It means that customer requirements have been replaced by a consultancy fixated on their own image. They reckon if they look like they know the answer then the customer will assume they do. Yep, the customer got forgotten about because the consultants preferred to look the part rather than be the part…they got lazy and thought they’d bluff it and they thought that for a good reason…because until now nobody has really called them out on it, who would dare? SAMcraft, that’s who…

Now we don’t need a crystal ball, or a magic quadrant, to see that the only thing the old guard deliver is the same generic white paper style document to every single customer. Oh sure, the customer names, vendor names and compliance position have been changed but the delivery, recommendations and content are still one size fits all. The customer has spent £250k+ on something the old guard spent an hour on – they were so busy browsing the internet for expensive accessories, luxury holidays and the latest diet trends that they forgot to think about the customer.

This shouldn’t keep happening because one size does not fit all, but it does keep happening and we keep seeing examples of the same white paper that totally ignores the dynamics of the business and the customers actual requirements.

If this is happening to you, has happened to you or is about to happen to you then don’t be scared, be bold and brave and email

*Note we’re calling them the old guard because we’re putting them, and their old school tactics on notice, there’s a new Sheriff in town who goes by the name of Sheriff Sam Craft.

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