Under Siege

Under Siege

Adel Khan · May 17th 2018

It’s all Royal wedding ‘this’ and Royal wedding ‘that’ this week, so we’re going to deliberately leave any talk of royalty out of this week’s SAMcraft *newsletter.

Does anybody still watch the popular paranoia based BBC tv drama Panorama? No? Well on Monday’s Panorama we were all given a stark warning about the dangers of our smart device enabled homes. Did you know about the havoc that hackers could cause in your ‘smart device enabled’ home? I didn’t, but apparently, there are elite teams of ‘cybercriminals’ who drive around in unmarked vans, park outside homes and intercept wi-fi router passwords? Once in possession of these passwords, they could actually ‘takeover’ your home – boiling the kettle when they felt like it, leaving the lights on during the day and they could even take control of your Alexa enabled curtains…be afraid, be very afraid.

Amongst all the frights Panorama did have a point, the point being that we should make sure our passwords are more secure…although I’m pretty sure that nobody will be receiving ransomware requests on their kettles or scrawled across their curtains? and I can’t imagine that Bruce Willis will be tempted back for Die Hard 6, or Steven Seagal for Under Siege 3 if it’s set in my house!!! Imagine the tension as Bruce Willis has to help me defeat an expert team of cybercriminals – cybercriminals who are preventing me from using my kettle and are opening and closing my curtains at will…honestly, I think if my curtains started opening and closing themselves I’d be calling the Ghostbusters.

Curtains and kettles aside we do have to think about the role that security plays in Software Asset Management. Have you thought about what vulnerabilities there could be in your software estate? How about the type of vulnerabilities that are the result of you unwittingly using old versions of software? Imagine having the ability to compromise an entire organisation simply by exploiting the flaws that exist in some older versions of software. I assume this would be much more appealing to the ransomware demands of cyber criminals? Certainly more appealing than being able to use my Alexa linked Amazon account to order a copy of Paul Hollywood’s The Weekend Baker.

Part of the initial SAM assessments we offer at SAMcraft look at software versioning and the vulnerabilities that could exist on your estate, so if you’re worried that you don’t know what’s out there and what could happen if your business was compromised then email nofear@samcraft.co.uk and we’d be happy to discuss.

*that’s what blogs used to be called in the dinosaur times.

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