If you’re going to SAM Francisco…

If you’re going to SAM Francisco…

Adel Khan · June 7th 2018

We don’t get out much, we don’t attend, exhibit or talk at any industry conferences…So why don’t SAMcraft go to conferences? Does SAMcraft not believe in conferences? Is SAMcraft afraid of conferences?

We’re certainly not afraid…we just think Industry conferences are boring, yep that’s right they are boring. They can be a real ordeal…You get the self-congratulatory speeches in the morning…then you get really long-winded talks after lunch – note: you are never, ever going to hear somebody say ‘to make a long story short’ at a conference!!! Oh and then to finish off the day you’ll have to listen to somebody trying to sell you what they claim is the ‘future’ or what ‘everybody will need this time next year’…when it comes to conferences we all agree ‘Just don’t do it’.

All of this aside, the single biggest bee in our non-attending conference bonnet is that the customer is never important at conferences. The customer is often an afterthought at a conference and at SAMcraft our customers are the only thing we want to focus on  – so we don’t go to conferences.  But what are we doing instead? Well obviously we’re too busy working aren’t we, we’re working on improving our customer experience and prioritising our customer’s actual needs rather than trying to second guess them. So rather than listening to the latest ‘think pieces’ from industry insiders, we’re old fashioned and we’re actually working for and listening to our customers…

If you’d like to talk to us about any of the challenges your business is actually facing, or if you want to confess any funny conference bore stories, then email nofear@samcraft.co.uk

P.S. Conference organisers take note – you can watch Bruce Springsteen in concert for 3 and a half hours for under £100…So maybe you should look at your ticket prices? Does £349 for a day in a hotel conference room represent enjoyment, I’m not so sure.  Does listening to somebody reading aloud from a book on  ‘Organisational change management theory’ compare to hearing The Boss and the E-Street Band tear through ‘Born to Run’?…NO.


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