Supporting the Underdog…

Supporting the Underdog…

Adel Khan · June 22nd 2018

The World Cup is underway and a few surprise results have got us all thinking about who could, who should and who might win the tournament. Now before we get carried away and start making predictions, we thought we’d talk about something these unexpected results all had in common.

At the 2018 World Cup, the underdog is proving that a well-executed game plan can deliver an unexpectedly positive result. But how is this relevant to Software Asset Management? What makes this relevant to SAM is that even our largest customers are the underdog when up against the giant software vendors.

SAM is more than just getting data and providing a compliance position to a customer. SAM, successful SAM that is, needs a carefully executed game plan in order for the customer to make actual budgetary savings. At SAMcraft we work with our customers to deliver more than just a point in time view of their estate. We assist our customers by providing them with a complete SAM assessment. This assessment doesn’t just look at the contract or the deployment and entitlement data, this assessment looks at the entire SAM process from Requisition to Renewal (or retirement).

These engagements are successful because we follow a game plan, a game plan that uses actual experience when approaching negotiations and avoids weeks of ‘the vendor says higher and the customer says lower’ faceoffs. What begins as a baselining exercise often concludes with a supported negotiation where SAMcraft works with the customer in order to deliver those all important savings.

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