Fix Up, Look Sharp!

Fix Up, Look Sharp!

Adel Khan · July 6th 2018

Whilst It is still hotter in the UK than it is in many parts of the world (parts of the world where it really ought to be hotter), does anyone really want to hear about Software Asset Management? Well, whilst you are out and about eating an ice-cream or busily putting the final touches to your beach bodies we thought we’d talk about the similarities between SAM and those ’body transformation’ articles we seem to be bombarded with everywhere we go. You know the articles, right? The ones that say ‘Get the bikini body of your dreams in just 6 weeks’ or ’28 day countdown to a 6 pack’ or ‘eat clean get lean’. These articles promise readers that if they follow a short programme of exercise and nutrition they can achieve a body that is similar to one that athletes spend a lifetime honing. The problem with these articles is very similar to the problem with how SAM is often sold like that. Yes, some changes can be achieved quickly but to maintain these changes beyond the initial transformation will require fundamental changes to the way that you do things. If you want to keep the weight off, or keep the auditors out, then you have to be open to changing the way you do things.


If you want to keep the vendors and resellers away then you need more than just an audit defence or a baseline or an ELP. You’re going to need process, you’re going to need clear governance and you’re really going to need exec level sponsorship for the program to succeed beyond the initial audit defence. There is no point investing in SAM without the buy in of the business. At SAMcraft we explain to our customers that to really stop the threat of audits requires the whole organisation to buy into and engage with SAM – not just the IT department. SAM touches every area of the business and for it to succeed every area of the business must buy into it and understand their role within the process.  So if you’re thinking of implementing a new exercise and nutrition regime and want to follow through and make sure that the changes you have made continue beyond that initial 12 weeks, or if you want to discuss Software Asset management on a warm summers day then please email


Note: SAMcraft consultants are also available when the sun isn’t shining so please get in touch as we’d like to hear how we can help your business achieve its goals.

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