Step to the rhythm made out of white paper…

Step to the rhythm made out of white paper…

Adel Khan · July 20th 2018

Industry White Papers, yes you know what we’re talking about?

We’re talking ‘market capability assessments’ or ‘finding the best SAM tool’ data sheets that get emailed to you…It sounds like white papers are another bee in the already crowded SAMcraft bonnet? What’s the problem SAMcraft? Why don’t you like industry White Papers? We don’t like them because they are just sales in disguise, they pretend to be these wholesome, informative, deep dive insights into the industry but they all have the same ending. Whatever subject the white paper is on you can bet by the time you reach the conclusion the only ‘sensible’ choice the reader has is to engage with the authors company and the product or service they are pushing.

Reading through a recent capability analysis document I felt like I was 17 years old again and stood on the forecourt of Locke’s garage buying my first car, I was fully expecting a paragraph that started with “you look like a person that likes nice things” or some other such generic statement that is designed to make you say “yes” and feel stupid if you say “no”. It is strange that the IT industry is still using white papers, or the magic circle, to determine who is the most suitable supplier, it’s also kind of worrying that an industry that relies so heavily on data accuracy is still using subjective analysis as a measure of capability.

At SAMcraft we believe the best thing to do is listen to your customers and work with them to understand what their actual requirements are. Rather than trying to force feed customers with one of your off the shelf solutions you must focus on listening to them and working out the solution together. Our SMEs are more than happy to discuss approaches to SAM, audit defence, Software optimisation or the accuracy of the ELPs – all we need you to do is email and we’d be happy to listen to what your current challenges are and how you’d like to shape the future of your business.

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