When will there be a harvest for the world…

When will there be a harvest for the world…

Adel Khan · August 3rd 2018

Harvest is a great Neil Young album but it’s also something we need to think a little bit more about in terms of Software Asset Management.

To be more specific we need to look at the subject of license harvesting or re-harvesting as it is more commonly referred to. Re-harvesting as you all know and have possibly read about on countless other blogs, is the process by which unused licenses are collected back into the business and made available to other users. You will have seen the intricate process diagrams and read the feverish debates about what step goes where in the process and how big of an impact it can have on the data centre etc etc.

What we’d like to talk a little bit about today is the step prior to re-harvesting where users really need to ask themselves “Do I actually need to have that license in the first place?”  We’d like you all to think about the behavioural change that needs to happen if a process is going to go from being just a pretty picture and develop into a successful part of business operations.

Licensing can be really territorial with users insisting they need Projects or Project Viewer even though a simple PDF export would suffice. This rationale of need is based predominantly on the fact that someone else has it, so you want it too. Sometimes the business can be as bad as the users, I remember working on a large ERP programme where senior stakeholders insisted that the entire project team required Visio even though maybe only 5 out of 100 people would actually use it. There’s an argument to say that so long as the senior stakeholders are aware of the cost then it is their decision, but there’s also an argument that we as users should put forward based around our actual usage. So today we’re encouraging all of you to have a quick look through the applications you have installed and ask yourself the question “am I using that Software?” If the answer is no then talk to somebody in IT and let them know you’re not using it, you might save your business some money and you might start adding value to those SAM processes we keep talking about.

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