Why does SAM have to be Sexy?

Why does SAM have to be Sexy?

Adel Khan · August 10th 2018

There seems to be a number of articles talking about SAM not being ‘Sexy’ enough to get the attention of C-Suite executives? If momentarily you can put aside the need to cringe at anyone who uses the word ‘sexy’ to describe SAM and focus on why you’re not getting any attention from the C-suite…then the answer is probably a little closer to home.

Maybe it isn’t the fault of the C-Suite? Maybe it’s just the way your sales team are positioning SAM? I don’t know many C-Suite executives personally, but from the rumours I’ve heard they are all intelligent people. If you presented an intelligent person with a clear and concise presentation on how you could help them save somewhere in the region of 15-30% on their annual software invoices, then they’d listen?

What if before you try and sell the C-Suite a SAM tool, or before you go looking for multi-year upsell opportunities, a managed service and whatever else you get the biggest commission on…What if you sat down and spoke about why SAM cannot be ignored and how your team could compliment the skills they already have in order to deliver exactly what they need? What if you gave some actual examples of where you’ve delivered clear savings? Maybe, just maybe, you might start to get some traction?

Instead of moaning about SAM not being ‘sexy’ perhaps you should work on making your offering more compelling? Make what your selling more attractive, make it less monotone and more technicolour. A well-executed SAM programme can be exhilarating, what’s not to enjoy about taking on a major software vendor, successfully defending an audit and developing process and policy that allows a business to control its software assets.

SAM doesn’t have to be ‘sexy’ it just has to be compelling and it has to deliver value. We’ve had plenty of success at SAMcraft presenting customers our methodology and how we turn the talk of savings into the business of savings…So if you like saving money and you like working on projects that are both stimulating and rewarding then email nofear@samcraft.co.uk

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