I can see clearly now…

I can see clearly now…

Adel Khan · August 17th 2018

The campaign for clear licensing doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and why would it? Major software vendors employ some of the worlds brightest minds to make their licensing deliberately complicated. These bright minds could be out curing diseases, helping to further the progress of mankind but instead, they’re stuck in some vendor dungeon making software licensing needlessly complex. I’ve attended training courses where really bright people spend hours battling it out, in some bizarre dungeons and dragons style conflict, to see who understands what the product licensing actually means…The only purpose this complexity serves is to make fat cat vendors even fatter and even richer. It kind of leads us to question who the real pirates are in the software industry?

Surely something is fundamentally broken if as a customer you are buying a product whereby the vendor can deliberately design it to make the installation and deployment easy…but then make the rules around the products usage more complex than the code contained within the software? It is about time that large organisations got together and said enough is enough. Software is the enabling tool that fuels business, and something is very wrong if you’re spending more and more time trying to control and manage the very tools that are supposed to enable you to do business. I can’t imagine a carpenter having as much trouble with a hammer as a CIO does with software, so it’s time for a change. If you’d like to discuss how SAMcraft can help you simplify your software estate, get the most out of your existing assets and be in a position to stand up to the threat of software audits then email nofear@samcraft.co.uk

PS. As we’ve said before we don’t like conferences, but we’d love to organise one whereby the vendors are put on the spot to explain how their license metrics actually work. Let’s put them on the spot and give them a list of different scenarios, scenarios that grow in complexity, and we’ll see how they get on. I’d be willing to wager they have absolutely no idea at all because their business model relies purely on fear and confusion…and if you take away their ability to scare people then they are probably just as confused by licensing as any one of their customers.

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