Why go Independent?

Why go Independent?

Adel Khan · September 28th 2018

At SAMcraft we pride ourselves on our independence. We’ve spoken at considerable length, particular in the blogs, about conflicts of interest between reseller, vendor and customer. It’s not to say that there isn’t an important sales facilitation role between vendor, reseller and customer, but you simply don’t want your SAM being delivered by a company who have direct connections with the software vendors. It might seem to be more straightforward for you “we’ll just use our LSP” but it really is a false economy.

As an independent, SAMcraft will be directly responsible to you our customer. We don’t have to declare any non-compliance to partner vendors and we don’t receive any payment based on what software you buy. SAMcraft are rewarded when our customers save money not spend it. We could argue this point all day long and arguably we already have in other blog entries so if you’d like to know how SAMcraft can save money for your organisation just email nofear@samcraft.co.uk

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