All you can’t eat.

All you can’t eat.

Adel Khan · November 2nd 2018

We were reading an article today about the dangers of AI with regards to protecting personal data, but funnily enough we couldn’t finish the article because the magazine wanted us to give them an email address to continue reading.

What a well thought out piece of ‘content’ that was. It’s articles like these with the ‘sign up tricks’ that remind us of some of the tactic’s vendor use to trap the customer into using software that they don’t need.

We’ve seen the great deals that are sold to customers whereby they receive huge discounts on a buffet of products, but what they end up ‘eating’ is vastly different from what the vendor sells them and allows them to install.

SAMcraft are working more and more in this area, looking at what has been installed and what has been consumed and have managed to achieve some very lucrative re-negotiations for a number of our customers.

The first step to understanding your position with a vendor is looking at what you have installed and what you are actually using, you’d be shocked to see that sometimes as little as 20% of what you’ve been sold is actually used by your business.

What this means is that the effective discount you have received from the vendor is closer to 3-5% than the 60-70% they told you was part of the deal. If you are interested in understanding what your usage Vs installation position is then email and start working towards your next renewal before it is too late!

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