No more free refills?

No more free refills?

Adel Khan · November 29th 2018

From January 2019 Oracle is planning to alter its commercial model for Java. As you would have guessed the difference between what is considered as ‘billable’ and ‘free’ is about as clear as a misty mountaintop.

I suppose we should have seen this coming back when Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems, sooner or later they would start charging business customers to use one of the world’s most popular languages. I’m sure if they could they would buy the English language and come up with a way of monetising that.

Maybe they would let children and students use it for free? Or maybe they would send their auditors into the classrooms and start shaking pupils upside down to see if any money fell out of their pockets that could be considered as part of a settlement, who knows? If you are confused about how the changes to Java impacts your business then just email and don’t worry we won’t charge you for coffee.

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