Don’t let your Software Audit head over the cliff

Don’t let your Software Audit head over the cliff

Florence Court · January 4th 2019

2018 was a funny old year for umpteen reasons, least of all for the fact that Britain seems to be lurching towards a Brexit shaped cliff’s edge, with many of us Brits have no real idea what’s going to happen. It’s a strange scenario and a bit like being audited by a major consultancy firm.

The software audit starts and you think those in charge know what they’re doing – because they should know what they’re doing, right? But the reality is they’re actually pretty darn hopeless and just as confused as you are.

These hot shot consultants, just like our politicians, waltz around the office twirling a Mont Blanc pen like it’s a majorette’s baton saying all the right things about how this audit will benefit you.

However, when the time comes to deliver they tend to start talking in riddles and speaking in ever decreasing circles of sense…and you know what…?

Where there is no sense you can guarantee there’s going to be some nonsense and where there’s nonsense there’s normally a large non-compliance fee.

So now you’ve logged off the yule log and logged back on at work you can email this January because we’re ready to make 2019 the year you don’t get caught up in some non-compliance nonsense.

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