Don’t push me cos I’m close to ‘the cloud’…

Don’t push me cos I’m close to ‘the cloud’…

Florence Court · January 17th 2019

The message behind Microsoft’s recent price rises would appear to be telling customers (for the umpteenth time) that the answer to lower costs can be found in the cloud.

Apparently, the cloud is the answer to financial freedom from the burden of ever extortionate software licensing but, is that actually true?

Who does the cloud really benefit; It certainly benefits Microsoft shareholders who always welcome recurring revenue but is there a big enough benefit to the customer?

To really understand the answer to this the customer has to really understand exactly what it is and isn’t using. Once usage has been established the customer can then decide which of the useful products would suit the cloud and which ones should remain ‘on prem’ so to speak (well you’d speak like that if you too were a highly caffeinated ‘vice deputy director of core product sales’ at a software vendor).

SAMcraft worked with a number of customers in 2018 who were concerned about being forced into the cloud and as such wanted to get as clear of an understanding as possible about what the true benefits of a cloud-based solution were. Aside from anxiety about the lack of clarity in the cloud these customers all came to SAMcraft knowing that independent technical analysis is a crucial component of any major technology decision in business.

If you are considering a cloud migration but aren’t 100% certain of the implications this could have for your business then email and together we can work towards a solution that best suits you and perhaps not Microsoft’s shareholders.

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