Communication Breakdown

Communication Breakdown

Florence Court · February 8th 2019

One of the biggest challenges to a successful SAM programme is the misalignment of key stakeholders across a business. Often the case is such that entire areas of the business, all of whom have a critical role to play in the procurement, consumption and application of software, do not talk to one another.

The more connected a business has become the more disconnected key stakeholders seem to be, there are fewer conversations about renewals and more abject panics when the vendor starts knocking at the door. In an ideal world the SAM team would be the connection point between the business owner, the business user and the commercial teams responsible for the software contracts – rarely though is this the case. The question we ask ourselves is why are business’ so scared of Process and Policy when it relates to the governance of multi-million-pound software agreements?

Software seems to be the ugly duckling when it comes to well-implemented Policy and Process, sure we’ve seen software lifecycle process documents (sit in filing cabinets gathering dust)…but why is it so difficult to get a straight answer as to who owns the software? What their strategy is for the software? and how they wish to approach vendor negotiations?

The answer is that this process involves multiple different stakeholders and they seem either unaware of each other or afraid to talk? Part of Policy and Process is understanding the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder and that’s what makes SAM work. Only when you understand the part that each stakeholder has to play can you fully deliver a world-class SAM solution.

If you’re reading this and some, or any, of this, seems familiar to you then why don’t you email – you’ll see from our blogs that we’re not afraid to communicate and in fact we’re really rather good at getting different departments to communicate too!

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