Please don’t play it Again, SAM

Please don’t play it Again, SAM

Florence Court · February 20th 2019

In 2019 Do NOT let your software vendor decide which path your business takes – that’s the message of this blog if you haven’t got time to read any further.

It’s worrying, but not all together surprising, how many businesses’ we see that are letting the software vendor dictate their software strategy. It is common place now for a business and vendor to work ‘side by side’ on renewals and typically the vendor tactics are as follows;

Step 1: Pretend to help the business by indirectly auditing them in order to ‘help them understand what products best suit them now and going forward’.

Step 2: Find as much non-compliance as possible.

Step 3. Provide the business with a ‘way out’ of non-compliance by getting them to commit to an even bigger multi-year contract.

What the process should be is that the business does not enter any conversations with the vendor without having a full understanding of what software they are using and what their requirements are for the next 3-5 years. The business is then able to use this knowledge to discuss their actual requirements with the vendor. Following this discussion, the business receives a proposal from the vendor that is targeted towards their actual businesses needs and not what the vendor is trying to push onto them.

The problem that a lot of businesses now face is that they have so much legacy software, and so little understanding of their requirements, that they feel they have to work with the vendor as the vendor is offering to ‘help us for free’ and show us why we have such a good ‘partnership’. This notion of the vendor doing anything for ‘free’ is up there with the Easter Bunny and Father Christmas for things we now know aren’t actually real. The vendor has one thing in mind and that thing is REVENUE…and they are willing to do, or say, whatever they have to in order to keep generating more revenue from you their customer. So what is the answer? If SAMcraft are telling us we can’t trust the vendor then who can we trust?

The answer is ‘engage with independent SAM specialists’, specialists who will help you a) understand what software you are using today b) review products from a variety of vendors in order to evaluate what software is the best fit for your business c) develop and implement a strategy for getting the best deal from each of the vendors d) make sure you have the processes in place to keep control of all the software you are using.

So, if you would like to discuss what options are available and which one might best suit your business then email we’re ready to work with you to understand what path your business should be taking.

Unfortunately we do not offer this service for free, but we do typically save our customers 30% on their current deal.

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