Return of the Vendor

Return of the Vendor

Florence Court · February 28th 2019

Back by no popular demand it’s your least favourite, most aggressive, anything but friendly – software vendors!!! Yep, you thought you’d snuck out of 2018 and made it into 2019 unscathed. But just in time for spring here they come,  bringing absolutely no joy whatsoever, it’s the vendors.

Please don’t go looking for the magic quadrant on difficult software vendors – it doesn’t exist, if it did it would be so heavily weighted to the top right that it would topple down your screen! There are no nice vendors, there are no OK vendors…there’s just difficult VENDORS and they all want one thing MONEY.

Now you could go ahead and google and you’d find lots of terribly detailed blogs and ‘thought pieces’ all about what to do when you receive notice of an audit. Those articles will tell you “10 things you should do’ or “10 things you shouldn’t do”, but that’s too little too late when you really need help not ‘helpful hints and tips’.

At SAMcraft we’ll work with you to repel those dastardly vendors and get your data back to a place by which you can say “I trust this data”. So send a mail and arrange to speak to one of the SAMcraft team, we’re not afraid of the vendors and neither should you be!

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