When Two Worlds Collide

When Two Worlds Collide

Florence Court · March 6th 2019

Television fans will no doubt still be absorbed by the events in this week’s special crossover episode of Casualty and Holby City. For those who haven’t seen the show all you really need to know, in order to fully engage with this blog, is that the UK’s most famous fictional hospital has come under attack from a group of computer hackers. At the time of writing the hackers motives are still unclear and very little screen time was given to what caused the breach in security.

So over in the SAMcraft group chat we put our thinking caps on, gradually adopting the style and mannerisms of a 21st century Quincy, and sat about debating what it could have been that allowed these unwanted guests to gain access to the entire Holby network?

Our best investigative endeavors led us to conclude that, old or unsupported versions of software had been exploited in order to gain access to everything from patient records to the controls of the service lifts.

We think that the Holby management team were under so much pressure to save money they decided to follow what turned out to be some bad advice and either went unsupported on several legacy software applications or failed to upgrade to newer supported releases. In making these cuts they watched their spend decrease, blissfully unaware that they’d left a door to their entire network wide open for exploitation.

Now when we’re not trying to solve fictional television crimes we’re trying to think about the challenges that our customers are facing.

We understand the pressure that businesses are under, most of them have to run ever expanding operations with ever decreasing budgets – it’s no easy task and unfortunately bad advice is cheap and seemingly readily available in Software Asset Management circles.

Many people, experts included, still seem to think that Software Asset Management is all about non-compliance and finding where the audit risk is. Whilst focusing entirely on the vendor audit risk, you are forgetting that an Effective License Position can also highlight the security risks and vulnerabilities that present themselves when businesses are using old or unsupported versions of software.


At SAMcraft we look at all your software data and we look at all the possible impacts that the data could have on your business.

So if you’d like to talk more about what SAMcraft could do to help your business, or if you’d just like to talk about this week’s episode of Casualty then simply email nofear@samcraft.co.uk



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