Process makes Perfect

Process makes Perfect

Florence Court · March 18th 2019

Without wishing to sound like the proverbial broken record, how many more times do we have to explain that Process is the key to long term success in Software Asset Management? The glamourous world of SAM is so focused with Audit Defence, Software Savings and Software Optimisations but a world away from all that glamour is the actual reality of SAM. The reality of Software Asset Management is if you don’t implement robust Process and Policy then all those successful Audit Defence’s, Software Savings and Software Optimisations will vanish quicker than a grass stain exposed to Persil PowerCaps.

Everyone from Lebron James on down to Ernie (the Fastest Milkman in the West) follows a process. These athletes have a process and they use that process to keep improving. Each step of the process is routinely analysed in order to understand what lesson can be learnt and most importantly what can be done to improve. In the world of SAM you should always focus on maintaining the accuracy of your license position, long after the vendor has been beaten into retreat you can stay compliant by sticking to Policy and following Process.

So what’s not to like about Process? And why is everyone seemingly so afraid of it? In our experience many people have only come into contact with robust process and policy via ISO standards. Achieving and maintaining ISO standards is not easy (if it was everyone would have it) and it takes a lot of effort and change in order to successfully implement and maintain it. This level of effort can intimidate and puts off many companies, very few have the resources or time required for ISO…but as we seem to keep saying ‘one size does not fit all’ and seldom is this saying more relevant than when we look at it in relation to SAM Process and Policy.

At SAMcraft we work with our customers to understand their business environment – their size, their culture and their ability to manage change. We do this so that we can work with our customers to write a SAM Process and Policy that takes all of the best bits from best practise examples (like ISO) but can be implemented with a minimal amount of disruption. We call this approach ‘best application’ and by that we mean we take time to understand the customer and then we create Process and Policy that is balanced between the customers culture and best practise standards.

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