The hunt for Redhatober

The hunt for Redhatober

Florence Court · April 18th 2019

Easter is nearly upon us and it’s time for SAMcraft to reminisce about the Easter Egg hunts of our youth.

Imagine if you will 1980’s Britain and a high stakes race across the back garden of a suburban semi-detached house. Picture the scene as we tear through the undergrowth competing with siblings, nature and mysterious Boo Radley type neighbours – all in the name of Cadbury eggs and the accumulation of sugar based wealth.

It was tense, it was fraught, it was a hunt we thought could never be beaten or replaced…certainly not by Software Asset Management? Or could it? Could a Software Compliance Audit somehow resemble a good old fashioned Easter Egg hunt? Well of course it could!!!

In 2019 successful Software Asset Management has more in common with an Easter Egg hunt than it does a traditional IT Project. Now before we confuse people, we are not saying that all we do at SAMcraft is hide eggs around customer offices and spend all day finding them. As good as that sounds it would in fact be very strange if for a living we hid Easter Eggs everywhere in the name of Software Asset Management.

No, what we do with SAM is we turn it into a hunt…and guess what? Based on our childhood experiences hunting chocolate eggs we’re pretty bloomin’ good at finding things people thought we couldn’t.

At SAMcraft we work closely with our customers to hunt down all those long lost contracts and forgotten purchase orders. We have specifically written scripts to find data in places even the vendors can’t reach because we take our hunting seriously. The reason we take this all so seriously is because the stakes are so high in SAM. If you really want to do the job properly then you have to leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of data, because data – accurate data – is the be all and end of success in this industry.

Having inaccurate, un-trustworthy, data can be the difference between a huge compliance settlement and no compliance settlement at all. So that’s why we take this work so seriously, it saves our customers money and it eliminates their risk.

 So if you miss the thrill of an Easter Egg hunt and want to relive your youth – all be it in the search for software – then email we’re ready to deploy our expert SAM hunters and if you get in touch quickly we might still have some eggs laying around the office that would go really rather well with a cup of tea!

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