Coming to a SAM Theatre Near You

Coming to a SAM Theatre Near You

Florence Court · May 21st 2019

Spoilers, suddenly everybody seems awfully worried about spoilers. I open up twitter and I am besieged by “don’t spoil Endgame” tweets…I turn on the TV this morning and am greeted by a lengthy warning that precedes a ‘spoiler free’ discussion of Game of Thrones. The lesson was that whatever you do at the moment just make sure you’re not talking spoilers. Now, I like to remain unspoiled as much as the next girl, but I’m much more concerned by the everyday spoilers than I am the ones on TV.

If you work in  IT then there’s an altogether different spoiler threatening  your everyday life, especially if you are the budget holder responsible for the software spend. You might think you’re in control of your software spend but software providers really would beg to differ. So, just when you thought you budget was safe…here comes a vendor to really spoil things.

There you were dreaming of being the toast of the next finance review, all under budget and ready to bask in glory whilst others panicked their way into summer…but then the vendor sent you a little early summer greeting. They wrote to you just to let you know that even though your renewal wasn’t until December, it would be a good idea if they came in and did a ‘little review of your software usage’…and suddenly you weren’t so sure of yourself and you started to feel a little bit ill at ease..

But there is a solution and it’s coming to a business near you INDESTRUCTIBLE SAM.

Whether it be the first line, or last line, of defence against software license audits your business needs Indestructible SAM: The future of Software Asset Management. To book your own exclusive screening of Indestructible SAM email

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