Whose License is it anyway?

Whose License is it anyway?

Florence Court · July 1st 2019

Process, Process makes Perfect. We’re not the first people to say that ‘Process makes Perfect’ but it is true and it’s also really rather catchy. Oh, how I wish we were the first people to have said it – although if we were you wouldn’t be reading this now and we’d be parked up in a harbour comparing yachts with oligarchs. Anyway, I digress, the point of this blog was to talk about the importance of process and particularly understanding who is using what license, what they are using it for and whether or not they really need it.

When you look at an estate for the first time, particularly at medium to large size organisations, one of the first things to really stick out is just how many users have licenses that they probably don’t need – let alone use. A favourite example is with products like MS Projects or Visio – the number of users who have these installed, often the pro versions, and never use them is staggering. But why do they have them if they don’t use them? Often, it’s because of Software License Envy, one of their colleagues has it so they feel they need it to – as odd as this may seem it really is a genuine phenomenon, we encounter all the time. You see a large group of users that have Projects or Visio installed but haven’t accessed it since the initial installation date…the problem is as far as the vendor is concerned you still have to pay for that license.

But how do you go about treating both the symptoms and causes of Software License Envy? You treat it with a strong course of Process. You need a process that defines what software is required for each user profile in your organisation and a process that identifies how often each individual is using the software allocated to them.  Any process is only as good as the strength of the governance that surrounds it, so if you show your senior stakeholders how much money is wasted on un-necessary licensing then they will be quick to support, endorse and enforce your process. If you feel as if your organisation could be suffering from Software Installation Envy then email nofear@samcraft.co.uk and we can happily talk to you about a process as a remedy.

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