Cloudy with a chance of confusion

Cloudy with a chance of confusion

Florence Court · July 11th 2019

Everybody is still talking about the Cloud, Cloud this, Cloud that…Cloud everything. The trouble is only the vendors, or Cloud sellers, seem to be making full use of the Cloud. In the recent film ‘Creed’ legendary fictional boxer , Rocky Balboa, seemed about as confused by the Cloud as many of our customers once were, we can’t help Rocky – because he isn’t real – but we can help you and your Cloud strategy.

So what’s to know about the Cloud? The Cloud has been around in one form or another for a very long time – according to Wikipedia the Cloud has been around since at least the 1960s. A lot has been written in other blogs and journals about the risks associated with the Cloud particularly with regards to security and access to data so we won’t discuss those here. In this blog we will take a look at how the Cloud impacts Software Asset Management.

We can probably all remember the initial wave of Cloud excitement generated by the vendors 10 or so years ago, every sales person had a slightly dubious Cloud success story and they were desperate for you ‘not to miss out’.  The thing is when a vendor tells you need something, or starts creating FOMO waves, it’s usually because they are looking to shift a product with a high rate of commission tied to it (which can cover that new BMW they want).

Vendors want everybody to join the Cloud (because it increases customer dependency and maximises their revenue) but do you really need to be on the Cloud. Often, we see the Cloud used as a carrot by the vendors, a Carrot to try and mitigate the shortfalls in licensing following a hostile audit. How can we help? We can help you spring clean through your estate and look at any possible licensing shortfalls prior to the audit. This spring cleaning then lets you make decisions about the cloud based on your actual spend and usage and not as a way of avoiding a fine. So, the secret to the Cloud is to have a good tidy up, get your house in order and then make a decision before the vendor sends you to the Cloud as a punishment for shortfalls in your estate.

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