BlueHat – RedHat …

BlueHat – RedHat …

Florence Court · July 22nd 2019

For months now the industry has been speculating about the IBM and Redhat merger. Back in September 2018, when talks of the merger first began to appear, our initial thoughts were to try and avoid the doomsday talk and ask the question “What would this merger actually mean for businesses?”

Linux devotees are petrified that IBM could follow the same path as Oracle, who when purchasing Sun Microsystems took the bits they liked and then slowly began winding the company down? To lose Redhat in this way would be a huge blow to business and the likelihood of such a scenario actually playing out is incredibly unlikely.

If we rule out the gradual phased demise of Redhat can we be so bold when discussing Redhat’s continued independence?  Both IBM and Redhat are telling the press that Redhat will remain staunchly independent. The question is, although both parties are saying the right thing, will IBM really allow Redhat to function independently? If we assume that Redhat will remain independent, what this merger could be similar to is an independent recording artist signing to a major label – Redhat will be able to take advantage of IBMs global scale, distribution network and customer base to deliver their products on a much broader scale – arguably this would benefit everyone.

We can continue, as others are, to speculate endlessly about what the merger means, but right now nobody outside the upper echelons of IBM and Redhat really knows. So if we don’t know what will happen what can we do to prepare? One thing is for certain NOW is the time to take stock of your Redhat estate. You must look closely at your usage, your future roadmap/demand and make sure you are fully compliant. Although Redhat may have been reluctant to audit their customers IBM have traditionally taken a more aggressive stance. Understanding your usage ahead of time will put you in a much stronger place to resist any non-beneficial changes to Redhat and it will keep the auditors at bay.

If you’d like to discuss your Redhat estate and a few of the many Redhat engagements that SAMcraft have successfully delivered then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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