To be, or not to be, that is not the question…the question is, Software License Management Tools, to buy, or not to buy?

To be, or not to be, that is not the question…the question is, Software License Management Tools, to buy, or not to buy?

Florence Court · September 17th 2019

Many of you reading this have been in the position of trying to understand and evaluate the feature sets and benefits of the major software license management tools. May I be so bold as to ask you whether, prior to making a purchase, you found yourself spending much of that evaluation period getting to know and familiarising yourself with the product?

How exactly did you evaluate the toolsets? and how involved were the toolset providers in this?

I know from experience that toolset providers will arrange demos and, in some cases, will allow you to attend workshops and training courses at their premises – but how much time is spent on fully understanding the level of work that is involved in deploying and configuring a license management solution?

The reason we ask is because we think that the tool set providers need to work harder to prove their product in advance of selling it. They need to be able to demonstrate to the customer not just that the product can act as repository for their data but that it does not take months – years even – to set up, configure and start delivering value. You can attend the training courses the toolset providers run and you can sit through hours of moving data tables around to get to an Effective License Position of sorts, but is that enough? or is it the case that all the supposed ‘out the box’ functionality claims should be referred to the Myth Busters?

Televisions have those weird showroom settings, the settings that make even the average ones look great and, to a degree, the same can be said for SAM tools – the demos are all fantastic, easy installation, no error fields, no missing data, no big red danger signs…yet often the deployment and integration of the tool on your estate is so desperately time consuming and painful.

We believe that the race to be crowned the best Software License Management solution will be won by the provider who is able to demonstrate their solution actually works – and by actually works we mean ‘actually works outside of their own development environment’. It makes our job so much harder to recommend a product if we are unable to see a working proof of concept in an enterprise class environment. We know the product works when it is a clean install with pristine data and integration points – but how long does it take to get up and running in a complex environment and how long before it starts to show any real ROI?

If you’d like to know more about License Management tools and solutions, or if you’re struggling through an evaluation project, email and we’ll offer an ear to listen and together maybe we can find a SAM solution that will add value to your business.

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