Don’t be Afraid to Ask…

Don’t be Afraid to Ask…

Florence Court · October 25th 2019

Is there really such a thing as a stupid question? Well, I suppose being stood in the rain and asking someone “is it raining?” might be considered stupid but it’s also a great way to start a conversation with someone you don’t know. The pressing question for right now is “where is all this waffle leading us to, Florence?”

Ok, that’s actually a really good question, because today we are going to talk about how important it is to correctly scope a project before you start the work.

The thing is that business is moving faster than it ever has, people are almost never not available, even flights are no longer a safe sanctuary away from the workplace. Now the faster a business moves the less time it is prepared to wait, everything is required yesterday and today is already a day too late.

At SAMcraft we’re finding that we are being brought in to help rescue projects that were not given enough time to fully develop during the scoping phase. Yes, yes I understand that you think time is a luxury but saving time at the beginning of a project pretty much guarantees adding time on at the end of a project. Every time you press FFwd at the start you may well be missing out on the important bits and if you miss out on the important bits that means you might be in for a big shock at the end…and nobody likes big shocks (certainly not when it impacts on their budget!!!).

When we work with customers we invest time in getting to know their business, their way of working and their particular motivations for wanting to implement Software Asset Management. Anybody who says customers just want to ‘manage risk, avoid audits and save money’ is not only stating the obvious but is actually at risk of missing the point. The point is, to successfully manage risk, avoid audits and save money both you and the customer have to engage in a process of silly questions.

You open up to one another and create an environment where both of you have an opportunity to discuss the project and its aims WITHOUT the fear of being perceived as stupid. This is how a detailed scope is built, you ask questions and you create a scope that everybody understands before you start working, that way when you do start working there are very few, if any surprises.

So the message for you all to take home with you is…You really mustn’t be afraid to ask what you think is a stupid question because stupid questions save money.

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