Transformers – Digital Transformations

Transformers – Digital Transformations

Florence Court · November 5th 2019

Regrettably we’re not here to talk about the popular 1980s toy line and cartoon series, what we’re going to talk about today are the types of technological changes that routinely occur across our businesses aka Digital Transformations.

A long time ago, before the advent of the desktop computer, when the IT department performed an upgrade, it was usually carried out on a big ‘do not unplug me’ box in the corner of a computer room.   This upgrade typically involved a few one sided conversations with a vendor and resulted in you handing over a big cheque for something you weren’t even sure you needed.

In 2019 Digital Transformations, whatever painful form they take, generally involve switching from something old to something new.  This something new is normally something that the vendors are encouraging you to use based on their sales pitch about it ‘saving you money’.

Before you enter into any lengthy conversations about digital transformations with the vendors it is always a good idea to understand what you currently have, how much it is costing you and how this will change if you adopt the vendors shiny new solution. So, if you know what you have before you start you have a better than good chance of getting what you need at the finish. Our view, our often repeated view, at SAMcraft is that vendors have different priorities to their customers and it can make things very confusing for everybody.

With so much software across your business – whether it is in data centres or local office server rooms –  just how are you expected to manage transformations with accurate, trustworthy data? The answer is you have to engage with your SAM team. You can usually find them tucked away somewhere, in a room without a view or any natural light. You’ll know you’ve found the SAM team if they start off by ignoring you and launching straight into a rant about you needing to remove unused software from yours and your teams accounts.

What’s great about the SAM team, aside from their ranting, is that of all the teams in your IT department they have the best knowledge of what applications are installed across your estate. In fact they may even be able to tell you which software can be run on certain clouds and how much new licenses will cost – which is well worth knowing ahead of any transformation discussions.

Your SAM Team can identify old legacy software on your estate, they can monitor software subscriptions when you have moved away from perpetual licenses and they can advise you on whether the shiny new thing the vendor wants you to buy will make any difference . Your SAM team should, or does, know all about your estate and you should not be entering into any commercial or technical conversations without them.

Without them it is unlikely you’ll achieve anything better than an ‘ok’ deal from the vendors, so if you want to make transformations less painful and more rewarding just talk to SAM.

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