Do it, or maybe don’t do it all, yourself

Do it, or maybe don’t do it all, yourself

Florence Court · November 19th 2019

It was certainly the case a few years ago, if you listened to the marketeers, that the best possible solution to any enterprise size SAM dilemma was to build an in-house SAM function.

The message was loud and the message was clear “if you want SAM done properly, do it yourself”.

But was that really the right advice?  Were enterprises ready for the level of inhouse expertise required? And did they think about the day after the consultants left?

At SAMcraft we have very much planted our flag in the ‘one size does not fit all’ camp and we don’t believe there is a definitive answer to inhouse or outsource for SAM – in fact, the solution we think is most effective is a combination of the two.

Making the right decision when purchasing software has never been harder, vendors try to tempt you and resellers try to scare you – but you can’t fully trust either of them to tell you what you have and what you need. Conversely you often don’t have the right level of expertise inhouse to fully evaluate what license options might be the best fit for you. It is at this point when you engage with external resource, you pick a product, or a vendor, and you have an external licensing expert create an Effective License Position based on your current demands and future requirements. This sounds easy but it can be quite an involved process, particularly getting to a point by which you can trust the data that you are using to make your decisions. This is where outsourced expertise can become critical resource as they are able to sift through the various data extracts and help you create, and I really don’t like this expression, the ‘golden source’ of data.

Once you have data that you can trust you can then start to make informed decisions not only about what software you buy but how you manage and maintain your data. An inhouse SAM function can become an invaluable resource when entrusted with a business’s software data, but keeping on top of all the different licensing configurations and market strategies can be complex and time consuming. You want your resource to concentrate their efforts inhouse and not be constantly looking over next doors fence trying to keep up with the jones’.

The answer to this problem is to utilise external expertise, external expertise who act as your independent advisor with a detailed and current view of the market place. These experts are then able to work across both your SAM and Procurement functions to ensure you get the best pricing and the best deal.

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