Home workers of the World Unite and take over…

Home workers of the World Unite and take over…

Florence Court · March 31st 2020

Working from home was the daydream most, if not all, of us had dreamt. A top 5 dream scenario of every IT employee was to be designated ‘WFH’. Seriously, nothing short of a generous five figure pay rise, or a dungeons and dragons figurine based on your own likeness, would be as good as designated ‘working from home’ status. What wasn’t great about the working from home dream? you could get up later, you wouldn’t have to face the hordes of sleepy eyed commuters and the savings you’d make on Starbucks alone would probably cover the costs of most of your utility bills and online subscriptions!

And then it happened, we all got to work from home and within the space of a fortnight we went from living the dream to feeling like we’d been given the keys to the Overlook Hotel. All we ever wanted was to work from home and now it’s happened we are all going a little bit stir crazy, so what can we do to look after our mental health during this time of isolation? We can phone our colleagues, we can arrange video calls to share our work from home stories, we can take a break and we can go for a walk – what we can’t do is completely isolate ourselves from our colleagues and co-workers…And don’t just talk work with colleagues, put the kettle on, pick up the phone and partake in a long distance tea break! Share your stories of isolation, talk about your WFH routines, talk about what it used to be like when we talked about sport – just remember to talk and check in with people!

Do also spare a thought for those home schooling and please if anyone can help me learn to spell ‘restaurant’ I’d be greatly appreciative as I’m currently looking at failing key stage 2!

Talk to each other, phone your friends, phone your family, wash your hands and if you want to talk about Software Asset Management you can always talk to us at nofear@samcraft.co.uk

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