SAM Your Way To Savings

SAM Your Way To Savings

Florence Court · September 17th 2020

Thanks again to all of you who joined our Webinar and for those of you who were unable to join please email and we will send you a link to the recording. One thing that was really highlighted during the webinar Q&A was just how much the financial landscape of business has changed in the past 6 months and how big of a role SAM has as we head towards 2021. All of us will have felt pressure to save money in 2020 but going into 2021 savings targets will be more aggressive than ever before.

 With this increased pressure to save money it is clear across the industry that Software Asset Management has never been more valuable to a business. So, if you’ve been putting SAM off or just not putting enough emphasis on your SAM function then now is the time to change. Putting it bluntly, a SAM function, whether its inhouse or managed externally, will save your business money.

 In years gone by many organisations relied on healthy profits to cover any software audit shortfalls, but now sales are down, and profits are shrinking faster than Wayne Szalinski’s kids, it’s time to look at how bottom line savings can help to balance the books. The quest for savings will ensure that SAM goes from being ‘something we might get round to’ to ‘something we need to do now’ for most medium and large organisations. So where to start with SAM? And how can SAMcraft deliver value to your business?

 The best place to start, or re-join, your SAM journey is with an ITAM Maturity Assessment. The purpose of this assessment is to do a rapid top to bottom assessment on your estate and highlight key areas of focus for savings and risks. This is not the type of engagement that gets lost in procrastination as it is designed to highlight the quick wins and the longer term strategic steps a business can take to ensure maximum value is derived from its software assets. We’ve recently used one of these assessments to help a large enterprise sized client understand how important process is now the majority of their workforce is working from home. This particular client, like most of us, had to pivot quickly to ensure continuous operations during the COVID-19 pandemic and in doing so lost track of how much hardware had been deployed. The ITAM assessment showed where the gaps in process could be filled and the savings that could be made and it raised the profile of the SAM function.


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