Mediate, Alleviate, just don’t forget to Collaborate

Mediate, Alleviate, just don’t forget to Collaborate

Florence Court · October 26th 2020

Often when we try to predict future trends in IT the only reliable source of data we have is the past. We rack our brains, thinking about years gone by and ask ourselves questions like What did we used to do? What do we miss doing? and What will we do in the future? Now it’s safe to say that the internet is here to stay, so the days of waiting for internal office memo’s to be delivered are definitely a thing of the past, but we think we know what the big consultancy firms will be pivoting towards in 2021 and that is ‘Collaboration’.

Collaboration, as we used to know it i.e. face-to-face collaboration, is something that the global pandemic is pushing towards extinction. In a recent article Rebecca Seal talked all about how the work place will change and how consultancies are looking at the impact of working from home and what will be the ‘new normal’.

Back in March 2020 we were all used to working together face-to-face; we’d go desk to desk if we needed an answer, we’d leave our office doors open, we’d gather round laptops, we’d squeeze into breakout areas and huddle up wherever we could find space so that we could share ideas and collaborate. As much as the world is changing, and as often as we are told ‘things will never be the same again’, we will still need to find ways to collaborate and share ideas in person. The novelty of every meeting being online is starting to wear thin and we all need to do more to keep in contact with our colleagues, our stakeholders and our suppliers.

So before your team starts to lose its mojo, and long before you start raising a purchase order to a consultancy, why don’t you all spend some time discussing how you can keep close collaboration a thing of the future and not just a thing of the past. When we aren’t writing IT wellness blogs we sell Software Asset Management solutions, if you’d like to discuss these solutions and how SAMcraft could help save you money then please email

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