Play it again, SAM

Play it again, SAM

Florence Court · November 13th 2020

Here we all are, back in lockdown again but with nothing left to watch on Netflix and broadband seemingly moving at dial up speeds! So what better time than now to hunker down with your budgets and start thinking about how you save money in 2021.  SAM initiatives seem to have an almost magnetic like attraction to enterprise infrastructure software.

If you google Software Asset Management, or Software Audits, most of the stories will focus on your office installs, your database installs and sometimes the type of installs used for image creation and editing – but there’s another set of products where usage can quickly run away with you and audits are on the rise.

In this recent article Rich Gibbons sheds much needed light on the SAM side of Engineering Software and gives an extremely thorough assessment of Engineering Software risks. Rich says it better than we could and in fact this article is so good we’d recommend you read it twice.

With revenues down and uncertainty increasing, one way to look for value is by reducing your bottom line expenditure, If you’d like to discuss how SAMcraft have helped our customers save money and rationalise their software estates then email

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