Cloudy with a risk of expenditure…

Cloudy with a risk of expenditure…

Florence Court · December 8th 2020

Life in the clouds, what a life it is. A life without the stress of software audits and a place where all your license compliance is taken care of for you. Isn’t it wonderful since you migrated to the Cloud? The vendor will manage consumption for you, they have built in special rules to stop over deployment and last but not least you know exactly what your costs are. Word around the campfire is do you even need a SAM team anymore?

Now, there is no denying the benefits of Cloud computing. The Cloud has fundamentally changed how we approach and manage our infrastructure in a way the whole business can benefit from, and the operational and commercial improvements the Cloud offers cannot be ignored. The problem is if you think all the myths we mentioned above are true then you could be in for a surprise on a similar scale to those people who went down to the woods and witnessed the teddy bears picnic.

To fully understand the Cloud you need, for want of a better expression, to be above the Clouds. Yes, you need to be above the Cloud and actively managing your consumption, your deployment, your license compliance and your costs.

Although the vendors offer a variety of ways to manage your Cloud none of them fully protect you from the risks in the same way a Software Asset Management function could. This is a topic that expands well beyond the confines of this blog so In January 2021 SAMcraft will be presenting a new webinar on Cloud Economics that will tell you how Software Asset Management is a fundamental underpin to doing Cloud correctly.

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