Last Christmas…

Last Christmas…

Florence Court · December 23rd 2020

Last Christmas we gave you advice

We said you better watch out for audits and fines

This year, to save you from tears

we’re offering you something special…

2021 will be the year you start to seriously rationalise you’re IT spend, there can be no more false starts or ‘getting round to its’ because in 2021 you have to reduce your expenditure. The pressure is mounting and the budgets are being stretched thinner than the skin on the school dinner custard, so act now and make sure you’re ready to save money and increase productivity in 2021. There’s no better way to start than by partnering up with a software asset management consultancy who have spent the past 9 months helping both large and small organisations save money.

What’s different in 2021 is that we’ll be putting our money where our mouth is, so to speak, and offering clients the opportunity to enter into a gainshare model with us. So confident are we that we can save you money we are willing to take payment as a % of the bottom line saving we deliver. If you’d like to discuss how SAMcraft can help you or you’d just like to talk about alternative lyrics to popular Christmas songs please email


Merry Christmas!!!

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