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Whatever fears you have when it comes to a software audit, we can prepare you to do battle with the vendors and come out on top.

No matter what software assets you have – or think you have – we can help you make sense of your IT estate. Our core services will arm you with the ammunition you need to tackle the vendors head on, by providing accurate data and insight, and a single version of the truth.

As an independent software asset management company, it’s not in our interest to get in bed with vendors. We work in complete confidence with companies of all shapes and sizes and our clients trust us to turn the mundane process into something profitable – for them.

How we do it

ITAM risk assessments

Risk assessments are the foundation for every software asset management programme, designed to assess your cost savings potential. Our experienced team works alongside clients to get under the skin of their business and understand specific IT needs and drivers. Through this insight, we help businesses develop a tailored IT asset management strategy, based on real data rather than generic industry assumptions.

Service specifics

  • Landscape – high level report assessing the size and scope of the IT landscape, SAM capabilities, risks and opportunities
  • Capability – high level report assessing current capabilities, risks and opportunities
  • Vision – strategic, high level report, assessing current business challenges and future plans for growth, diversification and acquisitions
  • Opportunities – executive summary report, outlining potential savings opportunities, risks and recommendations

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Vendor specific reviews

Each software vendor is different and software licensing models constantly changing. But we know how each one works and can ensure you remain up to date as the landscape evolves. Our reviews of your estate are run by experienced and seasoned professionals who have worked with many of the world’s leading software vendors, including Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Adobe, SAP, Red Hat, Symantec, VMware and Attachmate – to name a few.

From advising on current deployment positions, through to more in-depth Effective License Position (ELP) reviews, or assisting with vendor audits – we can help companies at every stage of the process to uncover real value. Whether you are running virtualized environments, cloud-based services or struggling to keep on top of a bring your own device (BYOD) policy, we can manage the whole audit process, removing the hurdles and empowering you to defend your position when the auditors come.

Service specifics

  • Audit defence – we can own and manage the audit timeline to retain client control. Our structured methodology and detailed understanding of the vendor approach provides trustworthy data and proof points, ensuring the deal can be closed on the right terms
  • Effective Licence Position (ELP) – an internal software licensing audit providing proof of ownership and entitlement, assessing any compliance or licensing shortfalls, and providing options for achieving additional cost savings
  • Licence optimisation – helps clients reduce the cost of software licensing renewals by providing an accurate statement of utilized software
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures (MAD) – a ‘soup to nuts’ service, minimising the risks associated with hardware and software assets during any MAD, to ensure there are no nasty surprises along the way

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Developing in-house SAM functions

It goes without saying that every company is different. In this industry one size does not fit all. But whilst many rely on industry assumptions and standards alone, we invest in understanding your culture and working practices to devise the right SAM approach for your business. Only then can we suggest the best processes, policies and application to suit your business need and give you complete control over the programme and outcomes.

Service specifics

  • Culture – we get under the skin of your business culture and risk profile before suggesting a way forward
  • Processes – we deliver the best fit SAM processes to suit your business needs
  • Technology – we use the right blend of technology to match your business operation
  • People – our experienced people can help set up a world class internal SAM function tailored to your business

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Data collection

Data is one of the most important assets your company has, but sometimes it is hard to understand and interpret that data effectively. SAM data is notoriously complex, and it can be hard to gain insight and advantage from it. At SAMcraft we work with our customers to make their data usable, trustworthy and effective. Working in this way ensures that the data is valuable across SAM and many other areas of an organisation.

When presenting data to our customers, we ensure that it is delivered in a way that is specific to the intended audience. Whether it’s for finance, procurement or technical experts, we ensure all stakeholders can gain value from the data. Data collection lies at the heart of every SAM project and is crucial for making core business decisions. But unless the data is reliable, robust and the process for collection repeatable, it is useless. Preparation and clear processes for data mining are the key to unlocking insight and value.

Service specifics 

  • Design, map and implement fit for purpose technology and processes
  • Define and implement clear outcomes for key stakeholders
  • Core inventory and verification processes – inventory and entitlement collection templates
  • Trustworthy data – normalised and reliable data that empowers business transformation as the Golden Source

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GDPR support

If you handle personal data, there’s no getting away from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). From 25 May 2018, organisations that process personal data – whether it be that of individuals, employees or customers – will need to be fully compliant.

This means from the point at which data is collected, right through to its destruction, businesses have a regulatory obligation to comply with the standards of practice under the GDPR. This applies to how personal data is collected, used, stored, shared and disposed of. SAMcraft is perfectly positioned to help companies understand what GDPR means for them, and to manage and implement policies and processes which will take away the pain and fear away surrounding the regulation.

Service specifics

  • Advice on what GDPR means for your organisation
  • Support on how best to implement a GDPR solution
  • GDPR policy and process control documentation
  • Onsite GDPR implementation programmes

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